Life Lesson #2 Watch That Pride

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12/9/20222 min read

Pride is an interesting concept.

It has multiple meanings. Some pride is good, like taking pride in your accomplishments, or being proud of who you are. Each one of us should have a healthy dose of self-pride. And we can't let anyone make us feel bad about who we are.

There are negative forms of pride as well.
  • Self-Importance: None of us has the right to look down on other people who haven't been given the same opportunities in life that we have. No one gets to a better place/status in life without some help or lucky breaks along the way.

  • Stubborn Pride: This is the type that likes to grow in us like an emotional tumor. The longer we let it continue in us, the harder it becomes to deal with. This pride is harmful to our relationships as well as our own well-being.

Stubborn pride grows  until it consumes us
Stubborn pride grows  until it consumes us

Just swallow this kind of pride before it's too late. There is zero shame in saying "I'm sorry." Or in being the first one to pick up the phone and call. Even if the other person insists on holding a grudge, you will be freed from your pride's clutches and emotional weight. It is very liberating to have some humility.

  • Fearful Pride: This is the pride where are are afraid of failure, shame, or rejection (A.K.A. worried about what others think). We become unwilling to accept our mistakes and fix them, or we become reluctant to take chances.

Sometimes we choose to live with a bad decision. Rather than admitting our choice was simply a bad one, We choose to hide our mistakes instead of fixing them. How many of us live with a regrettable decision-a wrong purchase, a bad job, or even a terrible relationship, because our pride would be wounded if we had to admit our error? I know I have done this.

Or we don't try new things for fear of failing and feeling foolish. It's okay to fail at things. We all will at some point if we take a few risks or attempt new undertakings. But putting yourself out there is a fulfilling way to live. If you see your failures for what they really are -learning experiences- you will discover self-growth.

Fear of failure is a form of pride and it will hold you back.
Fear of failure is a form of pride and it will hold you back.

I get it. None of us like feeling like a failure or a fool. I have been jilted in love, but at least I knew I tried. Besides, I got someone much better, so I had the last laugh. I have struggled over and over trying to find my groove as an artist, but I totally know it isn't for lack of effort on my part when things don't go as planned.

The bigger mistake would be to take your regrets about the things you wished you had attempted to the grave because you were too proud. Now that is truly something to fear.

The "What If's" are far worse than other people’s opinions about us.

"Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real." Thomas Merton
Gay Pride is good pride
Gay Pride is good pride