Life Lesson #1 Let Go Of The Past

A series of life lessons

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Life has so much to teach us. Every day we’re in its classroom but are we always paying attention? Most of the time we are hearing all the outside voices- traditions, societal norms, the opinions of others-rather than listening to the wisdom of the universe. If we quiet ourselves, shut out the peripheral noises and seek truth, we will find the answers to live a more peaceful, happy life.


I’ve decided to draw and write a series of blogs about things I believe life has taught me in 62 years of living. Each blog will be on one of the lessons I have learned. I hope they will resonate with you. Of course I have to admit I don’t always stay on track because, like everyone else, I am a work in progress.

Lesson #1 Get Over The Past
1.Don’t let the past become an excuse for your shortcomings.

No matter how hard it was, you need to leave your past behind. Take the lessons you learned with you, but don’t let the hurt, anger, or unfairness have influence over you now. You can’t be fully happy in the present or look forward to the future if you are stuck blaming your childhood, your broken marriage, a past failure, or a missed opportunity.

Get over the past
Get over the past
2. Grow from Your Past:
  • Be accountable- If your life isn’t all that you want it to be today, Don’t look for someone or something to blame. Blame doesn’t resolve the issue, but it can stifle your growth. Instead keep your eyes towards the future, determine who you want to be when you get there, then work in the present towards that goal. You alone are responsible for your own happiness-No One Else!

  • Be forgiving- Maybe someone who hurt you wasn’t trying to be a villain. We all make mistakes.

  • Take away the power of the past- Some of us have had those who intentionally hurt us (abuse etc.) No one deserves that. But don’t let those in your past continue to control your future.


I remember in my twenties telling my alcoholic father “I won’t let you have dominance over me anymore!” I had to do this in my head. He was dead but his words and actions were still alive in me.

My act of removing his bad energy was a turning point in my life. If your past has left you scarred, try to heal the raw wounds. If you live with its baggage, unpack that and look at it through objective eyes.

Then understand and show compassion for your weaknesses. We’re all human. We all have some baggage. 

3.Always remind yourself that your past is over.

We can't enjoy the here and now if we are dwelling on things that no longer exist. So let's live in the moment and choose to appreciate the now, Then we can live in a way that will create a better future as well. Keep in mind that if you can't seem to let go of past hurts, there is no shame in getting professional counseling. Taking control of your life is a sign of strength and wisdom.

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